If you recently received a note from Amazon saying that your 2600 subscription will end on September 4th, then we have some good news.

2600 Magazine now offers digital subscriptions in your choice of PDF or EPUB formats. These may be viewed on virtually any computer, tablet, ereader, smartphone, or similar device. If you have been subscribed to 2600 over the Kindle, then the EPUB format will work best to continue receiving it uninterrupted.

Digital issues of 2600 are delivered by download. Whether you purchase a single issue from the online store or get every new issue by subscription, you will receive a download link. (We suggest downloading this to a safe place in case your ereader is lost or stops functioning in the future.)

Kindle users can "send to Kindle". This lets you send your digital issue to your own personal Kindle email address. (Your Kindle email address can be found in the Content & Devices section of your Amazon account.) If you haven’t used this feature before, you need to first authorize your email address that you will be sending from. (You only need to do this once.) When you send your issue to your Kindle, you will be asked to authorize receiving it. After that, your 2600 issue will be loaded wirelessly onto your Kindle just like before.

You can also copy the EPUB file directly onto your Kindle by “side loading” which involves connecting your Kindle to your computer and then simply copying it. This method will work on other ereaders like Nook, Kobo, etc. If you use an iPad, you already have ereader software while there are many free and non-free software options for the rest. Many people like the free Calibre ebook app, which runs just about anywhere and is free software under GPL3.

In all cases, you are no longer dependent on Amazon or any other third party to keep your copies of 2600 safe. They will never be deleted, expire, or be copy protected. They are yours to keep forever.

EPUB or PDF? When you get the EPUB file, you get all the same content as the PDF and print issue, but the format is intended for ereaders or ereader software. This lets you navigate the issue's table of contents, copy and paste source code or other content, and change the font size or appearance. While the PDF pages are always the same - just like the print edition - the EPUB will adjust and reflow depending on the size of your screen and other display choices you make.

All the ereaders and tablets we know about work just fine with either PDF or EPUB. The choice is yours.